When Should You Change Your Transmission Fluid & Why is it Important?

Transmission fluid is incredibly important for keeping your Toyota running because it’s what lubricates and cools the hundreds of moving parts of your transmission. Just like other fluids, it gets broken down from heat, use, and contaminants over time, so having it freshened up at the recommended intervals is key for sustaining your Toyota’s health and keeping you on the roads of East Stroudsburg.

Changing your transmission fluid at Halterman's Toyota of East Stroudsburg | Close up of gears in automatic transmission


When to Change the Transmission Fluid in Your Toyota

The recommended intervals for changing your transmission fluid can be found in your owner’s manual or by asking one of our friendly service advisors at Halterman’s Toyota. But, generally manual transmission fluid should be changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles or every 2 to 4 years. The recommended interval can be much longer for automatic transmissions, varying from every 30,000 miles to up to 150,000 miles depending on the specific transmission and type of use.

If your Toyota is having trouble shifting gears, accelerating, or making unpleasant noises like whining or grinding, then you should have your transmission fluid checked ASAP. Make sure the fluid is brightly colored if you check it yourself, and if it’s dark, has particles in it, or smells burnt then it’s time to have it changed.

What Kind of Transmission Fluid Does My Toyota Take?

It’s also important that you replace it with the correct kind of transmission fluid for your vehicle, whether it be automatic transmission fluid, CVT fluid, heavyweight hypoid gear oil, or otherwise. This can be found in your owner’s manual, or our knowledgeable service professionals at Halterman’s Toyota will set you up with the best oil for your Toyota.


Why is Changing Your Toyota’s Transmission Fluid Important?

Not only will it keep the moving parts of your transmission slippery and cool, it also helps to create the pressure and torque that powers your transmission. Upkeeping your transmission fluid helps your vehicle run more efficiently for longer, whereas dirty or burned transmission fluid could mean hard shifts, jumping gears, and overheating. This could all wreak havoc on the insides of your car, so make sure you keep an eye on the health of your transmission’s fluid.


Changing your transmission fluid at Halterman's Toyota of East Stroudsburg | Toyota Service Technicians walking into garage

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