Fun Spring Activities For The Whole Family

March 23rd, 2020 by

You don’t have to plan elaborate vacations or minute-by-minute schedules to keep your family happily occupied over spring break … or any other time, really. Often, the best memories are made and the the most fun is had when you embrace the simple things in life. That’s certainly true according to Real Simple, which offers for your convenience a host of to-dos that will enrich your family time and create peaceful spring days for the books.

Get Outside

There’s a whole world of fun waiting to be had when you get away from the screens that claim so much of your daily attention and head out into the fresh air. Encourage a device-free day and gather your family for some of these simple pursuits:

  • Pack a picnic and enjoy an alfresco meal in a scenic spot.
  • Go for a hike in your neighborhood woods or at a nearby nature trail.
  • Find a bike trail and set out on a family ride.
  • Play a game of tennis, softball, or your family’s favorite sport.

Get Nostalgic

Classics are classics for a reason. These throwback activities will take you back to your childhood and introduce your own kids to some of the simplest pastimes there are.

  • Climb a tree.
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Take a stroll and draw pictures along the way with sidewalk chalk.
  • Find a pond and skip stones. (Bonus: Feed the ducks.)

Get Creative

Spring isn’t all sunny days … when the weather keeps you indoors, let your imagination and your family’s interests guide your activities. You might discover some new favorite ways to spend a rainy day.

  • Bake and decorate a batch of cupcakes or cookies.
  • Break out a jigsaw puzzle or play board games.
  • Have a movie marathon in your living room.
  • Listen to the rain, and maybe even take a stroll in it.

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Spring Is in the Air

However you choose to spend your days during this delightful season, make the most of every one of them. Make it a time for your family to discover new things, unwind, and enjoy the world around them. Whether you’re planting and tending your backyard garden or taste-testing those freshly baked goods you made, you’ll find peace and happiness in your return to simple pleasures.

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